Our all mountain ski


Rav 105 is the new Raven_105

It has the same specs as before. But has gotten some changes in the woodcore structure and the composite mixture. Carbon fiber is added to give the ski more strength and stiffnes.

When you want to get away from the crowd and hike your own path, Raven is your perfect tool. 
Lightweight and versatile for any snow conditions. Enjoy the silence and the untracked slopes on the backside, far from lift queues.
If you need to take the lift to get back to the valley, people will turn their heads to get a good look at your skis.

The specs

Rav 105 comes in three lengths, 170, 177 and 187 cm.

A slight difference in geometry only to conform the sizes and behaviours.


Rav 105 delivers with Marker Griffon 13 ID.

Optional, for touring, Marker Kingpin 13. Add €250