Handcrafted in Sweden




Jan Persson

Born in the mid part of Sweden and brought up during the 1960's when there were a lot of snow! By that time all kids have to be outside playing in the snow during winter time, both at home and at school. Therefore some of us developed a relationship with snow. If you weren't playing icehockey, you skied. I did both...still is :-)

In the early years (pre-Stenmark) it was just playing and fooling around in the snow. No real alpine skis until the 70's. Then suddenly alpine skiing became popular and a couple of new ski hills opened in the nearby. Then Ingemar Stenmar came along and everything exploded in Sweden! Everybody should go alpine skiing! And I took up racing ofcourse... I saw an opportunity there. In the late 70's and early 80's I did some results, but not really close to the top. But anyway, I was in the "business". It was a lot of skiing during that period and when the 90's arrived there was a slight slowdown in my skiing. No development what so ever on the market so the interest was not on top so to speak. And then early 2002 I tested the "new" carving skis and I was hooked again! Now the skiing is back on almost the same level as in the 80's. Why did take so long to develop those skis? So after skiing a couple of years I came across an article about building your own skis. This was 2007 and I was in a search of a hobby after moving from nothern Sweden to the south part. But building skis in the south part of Sweden isn't the obvious. But since I have a history in the business I thought I give it a try. Building a pair of skis. Said and done one year later I had a pair ready for skiing and the first run was made from the top of the Bouchard in Chamonix! After a week in Chamonix with MY skis, and they behaved well, I thought I could do this better! So here we are...


What I do?

We (I) buld skis by hand. Handcrafted.



I also arrange workshop for groups up to 4 persons. These workshops are a fun event. Hang around with your friends and come home with a pair of skis you build yourself!

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